Thinking Digital 2017

Last week I attended my third Thinking Digital Conference at the Sage in Gateshead. To quote someone else it is like a holiday for your brain. I never look at the programme before I go, I trust that Herb and the team will have gathered a really interesting group of speakers and that my brain will find some relevance. The talks which I got the most out of this time around were Dr Anita Sengupta and Adrian Westaway’s. Anita’s enthusiasm and thirst for learning and trying new things made her talk really engaging. Adrian shared the great insight of looking for where the experience usually drops and focus on making that magical (plus a story about a man with a chicken tied to his back).

I met great people, some for the third time, some for the second time and some for the very first time. Every visit I make an effort to connect with new people as well as speaking to people I already know. I missed the last session of the afternoon as I took the opportunity of having an interesting conversation in the Sage cafe (not for the first time). That for me is the real draw of the event, all of the fascinating conversations around the fascinating speakers.

What did I learn?
Lots from Christian Payne‘s Livestreaming Video 101 Workshop (watch this space). Darren Jobling’s talk gripped me from the start with his storytelling style and was a great reminder about getting your message across. I also really liked his plan, people and culture section. Mark Mullen reminding us all that it’s better to have a vacant post than a disruptive influence in our businesses, although those were not the words he used :) Check out the videos.

As I crossed the Tyne on my pre-booked train home I pledged to book an extra night’s accommodation and plan some fridge events next time. See you at TDC18?