Trello Chrome extension linking Parent/Children/Sibling cards

I added the Chrome extension Ultimello recently to show the number of cards. The other day I noticed a button on my cards named Conections (by Ultimello). You can see it in the image below under Actions.

It creates links between cards in the description of the cards.

I will create an animation or a video over the weekend and update this.

Easy alternative to Skype/Hangouts etc

I have heard about before but had not used it. After hearing about it again from @quiffboy in a Slack team I decided to try it out today and was impressed. I found it simple to use and I like some of the features such as claiming a URL (so that you can use the same one for regular meetings for example) and being able to lock a room (so that guests have to ‘knock’).

Go to using Chrome or Firefox and give it a try.

New cloud based PDF tool

One of my Twitter connections recently mentioned an online tool called which (among other things) compresses PDF files. The files are stored on their server temporarily but they say that they are secure and removed in an hour. So far I have tested it with a couple of files and the reduced filesizes are impressive.

It reduced a file which was originally 37.5Mb to 11.34Mb. It says that it reduces the files to 144dpi. I printed a page with images on it after the compression and it printed well.

It also rotates, splits and converts to and from a range of formats.


I have been using Trello to organise my to-do list for a long time. Mostly this works well but I decided that right now I need to focus on a smaller number of things to make some real progress. At the same time, I discovered KanbanFlow. I find that it works for me as like Trello it is very visual but that there is a little bit of friction which works for my current needs (I find it too easy to add stuff to Trello). It has a handy Pomodoro timer and some cool reports. I am still working out exactly how I will use it but it has the potential for helping me to get more of the right things done.

Real Time Sticky Notes

Image of Tweet

I love sticky notes, I love working with other people and I also love working visually. Yesterday Lisette shared this Tweet by Kasia about which right now is a simple, free, virtual sticky note tool. I love how it works at the moment – there is no login, you can use a couple of templates or set up your own and I think that the voting and prioritisation is great.