Weeknote S1 E9 – with a reminder about getting on with it

What I learned:
On the 8th September my Grandma died. The 8th September would have been her eldest daughter’s birthday. That daughter, my aunt, died in December of pancreatic cancer having tried valiantly to survive her mother. I am again reminded that life is short. Thanks also to @paul_Clarke for tweeting his Shift talk a short while ago. “Nothing is permanent, so nothing has to be cast the same”.

We will celebrate her long and full life at the beginning of October. She had expressed her wishes to one of her daughters, lightening the lead on them and had already distributed most of the items she wanted to bequeath when she moved into a care home three years ago. I shall wear her/my charm bracelet on the day and a set of (fake) pears to remember all of the Sundays when she put her’s on to hold court over Skype with family near and far.

What next?
Indeed…what next?

Look after each other.

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