Weeknote S1 E3

Another different week this week

Where I went & who I spent time with:
I mostly spent this week at the GDS academy in Leeds where I worked with Angela, preparing for and running Agile for Teams for a lovely group from DWP. I got to see Ang, Lara, Judith, Harry, Ryan, Annette, Tony and Rob plus Zoe and Martine and met Jo and Alison who did a fantastic tour of the walls for the group on Thursday with a bonus sighting of Kate. I chatted with Martin about the Mentoring stream of work we are doing together for the IAF England and Wales Leadership team. Friday was a working from home day with a few calls but I got to ‘meet’ Nick from Podcast Monster in St Louis via Skype. He was great and we hit it off straight away. I’m hoping he will be able to help me to finally launch my podcast later in the year. Oh and I got an offer from a potential mentor which I am very excited about.

What I did differently & what I learned:
This was a new course for me with similar content but any course is like a new pair of shoes the first time you run it, it feels a bit strange and you have to get used to it. It was lovely to work with Angela, I enjoyed working with a team and am looking forward to running it again in September. I learned that my experience of Prince2 is typical but not universal and found someone who has a sensible pragmatic approach to documentation.

Some of what I listened to, read, and shared
It is too hard to pick a favourite post this week
Another really strong post from Neil about his Kanban practice.
These service design posters from Eliot Hill are lovely
I really liked this post from Simon Stead about being part of a multidisciplinary team.
Another great short post from the Bromford Lab.
I was thinking of recording my weeknotes as an audio version. Das Barrett is already doing it. HT Andy for tweeting about it.
These tweets from Kit about how she and James write blog posts are are brilliant

Well I’m feeling very pleased with myself (smug) as I did not think I would get these out before midnight but here we are with nearly an hour to spare. Have a great weekend.

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