Weeknote S1 E2

A very different week to last, which is of course the nature of being freelance/a contractor/self employed.

Where I went & who I spent time with:
I mostly spent this week at home and my work was a mixture of preparation for the August cohort of the Service Owner Programme and general planning. As a consequence I have seen almost no-one – my OH, the dog (photo below), the postman, the people at the local shop and Rob via hangout.
On Saturday last week I attended a half day workshop with a renowned public speaker who I have met a couple of times and met a few people there. He was sharing some of the things he has learned. It was really enjoyable and the venue was amazing, take a look at the video. Slack was my friend this week with great conversations happening in four teams.

What I did differently & what I learned:
I pushed myself well out of my comfort zone early this week and it felt really good. Thanks to Mary, Lorena, Kit, Ross and Mick for the encouragement. This is part of a wider thought process about valuable work and where I focus next.
I volunteered to help with OneTeamGov Scotland in November and so I hope to see lots of people there. Different because it is in Scotland and because I didn’t get to the one in London (I am a serial unconference volunteer).

Some of what I listened to, read, and shared
I really enjoyed the second half of this podcast which features Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. The link takes you to the second half. The remainder of the podcast is around 15 minutes in length.

This post is interesting. It shows innovation happening when one idea develops into something else, sometimes taking a very long time.

This was a great short read from Mark O’Neil at Department for Education

This was an interesting conversation on Twitter.

I agree with both of these points, Thinking Digital is a great example of a conference which is more than the sum of its parts due to the conversations that happen alongside the talks.

Another interesting post. Why We Traded Scrum for “Science Fair” to Build HubSpot

Two for one, Scott’s post about Roadmaps, which links to Jock’s.

This is probably my favourite of the week. I am particularly interested in innovation in health and in ways that we can help people to understand and manage their conditions better and most importantly improve quality of life. The TWIRL project in Wolverhampton.


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