Weeknote S1 E10 – with actual socialising

Where I went & who I spent time with:
I spent most of this week working in London for the second part of the September Service Owner Programme. They were another great group with some fantastic conversations all week. On Monday evening I had a FaceTime call with my granddaughter as it was her 9th birthday. She showed me her presents and I gave her a video tour of my hotel room. I made it to another #OneTeamGov brekkie on Wednesday morning and went out for a lovely pizza with Bev and Al on Wednesday evening.

What I did differently & what I learned:
I learned that I still struggle to hear when I am on a conference call. It has been such a long time since I have been on a voice only call that I had forgotten. For the love of Mike can we get to a situation where everyone can use video, or give me a backchannel so that I can ask for clarification.

Some of what I watched, listened to, read, and/or shared
Some of these are from last week

Neil wrote The Anti-Problem: Digital Transformation

Helen shared Tools of a System Thinker

Woody shared Values to guide us

Carl wrote The transition from old to new

Jake shared Running design sprints in Japan which as he said is interesting even if you are not running design sprints in Japan.

Amy shared her team’s experience at a Service Assesment

Phil wrote about Memory foam…and culture

What is next?
I am a volunteer at UKHealthCamp on Saturday and I look forward to telling you all about that next week.

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