Weeknote S1 E1

I am a big fan of working out loud and have read countless weeknotes (and similar things not called weeknotes) by people like Matt Jukes, Julie Byrne, and Neil Tamplin plus internal weeknotes by my colleagues at GDS. I have been typing up a kind of weeknote for a short while, warming up to making them open (and hopefully better), then last week Kit did a one off note and I decided that now is the time to start publishing them.

So here goes..

Where I went & who I saw:
On Monday I was in Leeds helping a large university to bring a group of people together to work on some improvement activity – Short version – people + brown paper + sticky notes + sharpies + conversation was followed by useful insights. From there I travelled to London and spent most of the rest of the week in Fulham with a brilliant if small group of Service Owners and the fantastic speakers who came to talk to them Adele, Nick S, Al, Angela, Nick T, Kelly, Anais, David, Anne, John and Abby.
While I was in London I visited a friend who I have not seen for 17 years. It is incredible how quickly you can catch up and how similar we still are despite the long interval.
I managed to get to the OneTeamGov breakfast at Treasury on Wednesday morning for a whole 30 minutes which was great but missed out by not being able to stay until the end. It was great to see James C, Kit, James R, Glyn, Liam, David, Mark & everyone else who I have not mentioned. I hope to make it whenever I am in London.
Bonus sightings this week were Bev, Rob, Paul, Sue, Stephen, Ross, Alex & Jim.

What I saw & heard:
Confirmation (if I needed it) that there are still many challenges for people in and around the Service Owner role.
That people value the network we curate.
Lots of brilliant feedback from people who have previously attended the programme and are now sending the details to their colleagues and recommending it.
Lots of people want to work across Government not just in their department/agency/silo/little bit. At the OneTeamGov breakfast but elsewhere too. I love it.

What I did differently & what I learned:
I went out while I was in London and didn’t stay in my hotel eating supermarket humous and flatbread every night ;)
I published a weeknote :meta:
I learned that Tom Peters enjoys a usable online experience.
I learned that Giles is a genius and needs to write a book.

I didn’t hear The Planets by Holst at the Proms as I decided I didn’t have it in me to stand all the way through the performance. I will catch it on iPlayer and remember last year when I was sitting right beside the stage.

Me at the Proms (The Planets) in 2016

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