Weeknote S1 E6 – With added dancin’

Where I went & who I spent time with:
I spent another few days working in London this week for the second week of the August Service Owner Programme. They were a really nice group of people from a range of areas of Government and I really enjoyed spending three days in their company. I made it to another #OneTeamGov brekkie on Wednesday morning which featured the women visiting from the New Zealand Government. It was a fascinating conversation, this time about Rachel’s work with the Service Innovation Lab of which I am insanely jealous. If you are able to get to Teacamp on Thursday 7th in London they will be speaking again. I saw Rachel again on Wednesday evening at Women in Tech Speak Up (#WITspeakup) which is the brainchild of Charlotte. I will save the rest of my reflections for another post but what an amazing group of people Charlotte brought together on Wednesday night. The photo at the bottom of the post is a group of us in the roof terrace. If you are on Twitter you will be able to find Paul Clarke’s photos of the dancing. I had a moment before I left for the event, you know the kind of thing…”oooh I was not on Charlotte’s original list of women speakers”… “there will be lots of [insert intimidating adjective here] women at this event”…”I don’t think I will go after all” so I gave myself a bit of a talking to, told myself to woman up, got over there and I am so pleased I did.

What I did differently & what I learned:
I have been turning down the pressure to be constantly on (due to the aforementioned lack of iron and thus energy). I am continuing to learn that it is hard to set boundaries and keep them when people have an expectation based on previous experience. A lot of the expectation comes from myself though and like any habit it takes effort to change.
I am talking to some people about things that I can help them with and I am learning that I need another thing to get my teeth into. Preferably a physical thing.
Thanks to Jane I *learned how to do irish reels at #WITspeakup. *I may not be able to do it again.

Some of what I watched, listened to, read, and/or shared
John shared this “HOW TO BRING TEAMS TOGETHER DURING CRISIS” which I thought had some excellent points.
Helen Bevan shared Lynne Cazilly’s “Leader as Coach: T-o-o s-l-o-w” post. “The leader as facilitator is a different way of behaving and leading. It requires a lift in your thinking and capability.”
– I liked this from John Cutler “Limit, Visualize, and Improve“”(Almost daily) I urge teams to take responsibility for their working agreements, “process”, continuous improvement, and principles. No this is NOT code or a design. But it is the best way, in my opinion, to advocate for craft, sustainability, and not cutting corners. I am often asked to just “set it up”. But I explain that you have to internalize and live these principles. You can’t outsource it.”
– Most weeks I meet someone who would like to better understand APIs (Application Protocol Interfaces). Here is a talk by Andrew Seward “How to Talk about APIs”.
– This is an interesting post on Psychological Safety. I liked the questions at the top and also the example.
Another great post about WIP and flow over resource utilisation.
– Another Christina Wodke post “How I Stopped Worrying and Learned to Love Design Thinking” “Design makes ideas tangible so that they can be understood and evaluated before committing them to reality.”

Here is the promised #WITspeakup photo.

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