Weeknote S1 E5 – With added spinach

Where I went & who I spent time with:
I spent most of the week working from home with a couple of visits to the GDS Academy in Leeds. I spent time with all of the Academy crew but this week, instead of giving everyone a name check I am going to limit myself to the top 3 conversations. I had a couple of really great conversations with Lara, an interesting chat with Al (as always) with whom I share lots of opinions, and a useful catch up with Rob. I had the opportunity on Tuesday to listen to the Academy interns run through the high level of their showcase which was very impressive. It was great to see what they had learned from their experience over the 8 weeks of their internship and their enthusiasm.

What I did differently & what I learned:
This week I have been working on a *thing*. It is a different approach to the existing process and it has been challenging. There are many different needs which need to be considered and I also have a personal preference and way of working which has been developed through my (many) years of working with groups and it is extremely difficult to codify some of that into this particular product. I am also finding it difficult to work in (relative) isolation on this. I am hoping to be able to work more closely with other interested parties from next week.
I learned that I have extremely low iron levels and so if you see me and I am not eating spinach or steak you know what to do.

Some of what I watched, listened to, read, and/or shared
Doug Belshaw shared this “Why you’re more qualified to be a consultant than you think” which I thought was an interesting read.
“Now, what if I told you that you don’t have to do those things? The fact of the matter is, consulting is not just for gurus and tenured professors. It really can be for you, provided you are willing to work tirelessly, learn quickly, and can adjust on the fly.”
– I shared this from BBC News “Why didn’t Electricity immediately change Manufacturing?”.
There are lots of parallels with the Internet/the web/ways of working and everything else I talk about on a daily basis.
– An Internet rabbit hole led me to this which I really liked. This is not limited to teachers. “Teachers Need a Roadmap, Not an Instruction Manual”
– Another excellent post from Paul Taylor“Never believe anyone who says they are busy”
– I found this really interesting from Pretty Agile about Re-squadification
– I shared the link to the lottery for UK GovCamp 2018 tickets.

Spinach for Sharon

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