It’s not you it’s me (or Why I might not be following you on Twitter)

I might not be following you on Twitter.

This doesn’t mean I don’t like you. You might be a lovely person; you probably *are* a lovely person; there are lots of people who I know for a fact are lovely, and I still don’t follow them.

We all ‘do’ social media for different reasons and these reasons are likely to change over time. My current three are inspiration, education & finding great people to do work with. My inspiration is probably not the same as yours. That’s OK, we’re different.

To be completely honest, some people are on my list because they make me laugh whenever they tweet (I guess you could count that as inspiration?)

My span of attention is short and my available time is shorter. I don’t spend a lot of time on Twitter, and so I can’t process all of the incoming tweets if I am following too many people. Quality over quantity, it’s a cliche for a reason, but again, please don’t take offence. I am not calling into question your quality, I just need to be picky so that *I* can get something out of what I read and not just let it wash over me like the tsunami of information that it is. You might spend more time than I do on Twitter.  That’s OK, we’re different.

I feel comfortable when the number of people I am following is around 250. It is teetering at 377 at the moment.  My followers count (which I don’t normally look at) is 954 today. I am delighted if 954 people find my tweets interesting however I would be entirely happy with 10 followers who I can really engage with. FOMO (fear of missing out) is not something I worry about, but I get it if you do. That’s OK, we’re different.

Overly political, religious, other polarising or offensive comments will mean a short stay on my following list.  Your opinions are your opinions and I respect your right to have (some of) them, but I don’t necessarily want to see them in my stream every day.

I get disproportionately annoyed by tweets about Twitter stats and people asking for more followers to the extent that I have unfollowed people because of that.  I feel that there are better ways to engage with people than begging for a few extra followers to take you to the next round thousand. Rest assured that I will not be asking for help to get my followers count to 1000. If you care about all of that stuff that’s OK, I don’t.

We’re different, and that’s OK.

However, if someone @mentions or direct messages you then I feel that it is good manners to interact even if it is just a favorite.  Remember that there is a person at the other end of the screen and they will probably appreciate a reply.  I know I do.

In fact, in that, we might well be the same.

Useful link: If anything in this post didn’t make sense or if you are a novice ‘Twitterer’ have a look at this brilliant guidance from the WeNurses community.