Thinking Digital Conference 2015

Last week (19th to 21st May 2015) I attended my first Thinking Digital Conference in Gateshead.

It has been over a week since I returned and I still have not completely processed all of the sessions and the inspiration from the event.  I am watching the recordings of the live stream from the website to pick up on all of the interesting insights and turn them into actions.

A few highlights for me then:

I loved watching and listening to Sam Aaron both times he was on stage doing live coding and my Raspberry PI is on the way.  I hope to inspire my Granddaughter to get into coding using it.

The Government Digital Service talk from Russell Davies and Ade Adewunmi was brilliant and the Lasting Power of Attorney video with Anne gave me ‘something in my eye’.

Ian Wharton’s talk was the most quotable for me ’The best people in the world know that their education is never over’.  This is a particular bee in my bonnet so had me jumping up and down (whilst tweeting it). He also needs to write that second book (but I have already told him that).

Andy Stanford-Clark and his Tweeting Ferries, Steve Mould and his F’ing app (watch the session), Alexandra Depledge and her honesty about the reality of running a startup, Seb Lee-Delisle, Catherine Mohr and L.J. Rich whose comment about being a reformed perfectionist or similar is another ‘bee’ for me.

There were so many brilliant interactions over the three days in the breaks and at the evening events. Other people’s comments were similar to my own with lots of use of the word Inspiration and people talking about it being like a holiday as it refreshes them and that it gives them a boost of energy due to all of the new ideas they are exposed to.  One person said that they always come to Thinking Digital with a problem and see which talks give her ideas for a solution.

The venue is amazing and if you have not yet visited the Sage you need to make it a priority. My previous favourite conference venue for location is the Millenium Centre in Cardiff bay and this is a very similar interior with a stunning outer shell. Everything about the venue worked really well for me and the team were really helpful and friendly. I think that I will have to put them neck and neck as I love both equally.

It was an opportunity to switch off from the day to day, soak up different ideas and speak to a lot of interesting, intelligent people.

The sharp-eyed will have noticed that I said it was my first Thinking Digital Conference at the top of the page.  Well, I am planning to attend the newly announced Manchester Thinking Digital Conference in November 2015 and also #TDC16 in May 2016 and I hope to see you there.